A Visionary Approach

Owning a business is exciting and rewarding. It can also be challenging, especially when it comes to making important strategic decisions and managing events that will affect not only the future of the company, but the future of your family as well.

These decisions are far from one-dimensional; they are more like a puzzle, with many pieces that need to fit together to produce the right plan. We take a 360-degree approach so we can see the big picture—not just from legal or financial or risk management perspective—but from every business angle so we can identify the pieces and determine how they fit together. We do this by what we like to call "Developing the Knows":

Getting to know you.

To help you with a business plan or challenge, we must truly understand you and your business from all angles. What do you want to do now? What are your concerns about this decision or event? Where do you see your business in a year? Five? Ten? This might sound like a consultant's way of charging lots of money right up front—which is why we don't charge by the hour. It's just important for us to invest our time at this stage so we can develop a plan that will get you where you want to go.

Discovering what we don't know (and need to find out).

Once we learn about you, your business, and your plans and challenges, we can then determine what we don't know—that is, what we need to learn to formulate a complete plan.

Determining who and what we know.

Armed with the knowledge of your business and the questions we need answered, we are ready to tap into our resources to put together a plan. This is where Jeremiah really shines. We have the experience and relationships with professionals from all arenas to help us put together a team that will produce a plan for success.

What will your plan look like?
Since no business is the same, no plan is the same. Your plan will depend on your goal or challenge. If you're looking for capital to expand your business, we would likely develop a presentation for investors. If you're thinking of bringing on a partner, the plan might simply be a series of steps. Regardless, the plan will provide you with what you need to accomplish your goal.
Our job isn't over once the plan is in place. It's our job to make sure the puzzle fits together, so we'll stay by your side, working with you and the other professionals involved, to ensure sure your plan is executed properly. And because we know you and your business, we'll keep an eye not only on the project, but on the big picture as well.
Ultimately, we want to be there for you throughout the life of your business, helping you navigate your way to success and prosperity. Call us to discuss your business plans and challenges. Let's make a plan together.

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