The Jeremiah Team

"Prosperity is a way of living and thinking... not just money or things."
- Eric Butterworth

When you're making important decisions that will affect your business and your life, you want to have the best minds on your team. Jeremiah Consulting is anchored by professionals who have faced and met nearly every challenge a business can face—from assisting you to sell the company you built and transitioning those profits into a family foundation and a real estate company that you pass to your children and grandchildren while preserving the income streams you need for retirement to changing an operational structure that existed for decades to move the recurring litigation target off your company's back.

Our experience spans decades, industries, functional roles, and all phases of the business lifecycle, making us uniquely qualified to provide you with coordinated planning that either gives or evaluates the expert advice you need. We have 30 years of experience working with national and international corporations and entities of all sizes, and we have a proven track record of success. Most importantly, we believe in what we do and how we do it, and we always work for the betterment of Kennesaw and the businesses that support the community we love. If you're looking for honest, informed advice and recommendations, you've come to the right place.

Why We Do It
We love Kennesaw. We live here, work here, and raised our children here, and we want to help it prosper. That's what we're all about—strengthening businesses, which strengthens Kennesaw. We work with businesses, community leaders, and organizations to foster relationships so we can all prosper. Find out what's going on through initiatives like the Kennesaw Prosperity Project…and we invite you to join us!

Dale Hughes
A native of Georgia, Dale grew up "all over," so he thrives in new situations, embraces diversity and ideas, and loves taking on a challenge. A graduate of Emory University (B.B.A., Accounting) and The University of Georgia School of Law, Dale has been working with businesses of all sizes—including some of Georgia's most respected companies—for 30 years in the roles of legal counsel, serving private shareholders, managing real estate initiatives, and handling conservation projects. His favorite companies have always been the homegrown ones born from creativity and courage and committed to the community like Gay Construction on Log Cabin Road in Cobb County or GTP Associates in our very own Kennesaw.

Ask Dale about his strengths, however, and he won't talk about his experience or the network of strong business and personal connections: He will tell you that his success is a result of the right blend of passion for what he does, the excitement of seeing individuals and businesses prosper, and his ability to assess a situation from a 360-degree view and put the right people together to formulate and execute a plan. Dale is also a mentor to individuals and businesses and has a love for investing in others through volunteering at the Bill Thrash Teen Center and at the Elizabeth Inn Homeless Shelter run by MUST Ministries.

Cindy Hughes
Cindy is also a Georgia native, graduate of Emory University (B.S., English) and Georgia State University (M.A.), and a former high school English teacher. During a period of "retirement," where she left teaching to run the Hughes household, she co-chaired a capital campaign to construct a new sanctuary for Due West United Methodist Church and shortly thereafter became chairman of the Trustees for Due West United Methodist during a time when the church grew from a couple hundred members to several thousand. During her chairmanship, she worked to expand the campus through the acquisition of 10 acres, an existing sanctuary building and administrative facilities from the adjoining Baptist Church.

Since "coming out of retirement," Cindy has successfully acquired and run College Soccer Prep Camp where she focuses on helping young women connect with college coaches so they can ultimately realize their dream of playing collegiate soccer. She also co-chaired a capital campaign for Mt. Paran Christian School, which raised $16.5 million. She is now turning her attentions to leading a project to find adaptive re-uses for historic buildings in downtown Kennesaw, such as the former Kennesaw United Methodist church. She continues to mentor women through leadership roles in Bible studies and fellowship groups, emphasizing the importance of relationships and viewpoints in all her projects.

Strong connections with expert resources complete the team
To be successful in our business, we depend on input from experts in every relevant area that touches your business. After 30 years of doing business in Georgia, we have built strong relationships that will help us help you meet your goals and achieve success. We have strong partnerships with experts in legal, accounting, insurance, investment management, lending and other relevant fields. We pull together the right team to provide answers to the unique challenges that arise with your business needs and goals. We also have strong relationships with influencers and experts in the Atlanta area. If we have a question or concern about how your business might be affected or how it might affect the community, we know who to talk to for solid guidance.

  • Attorneys

  • Accountants

  • Investment Managers

  • Bankers

  • Insurance Managers/Risk Management Specialists and Agents

  • Appraisers

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Economic Development Authorities

  • Elected Officials

  • Environmental Professionals

  • Wildlife Experts

  • Product Specialists

  • Government and Regulatory Agencies

  • Non-profits and Community Foundations

  • Church and Community Activists

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