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Every business is unique, so it follows that every business has unique needs. At Jeremiah Consulting, we have the expertise and relationships to help you navigate any business challenge or goal taking complex and academic "expert" language and putting into a simple language with real goals:

Business/Company Creation

If you've decided to start a new business, open a new division, or acquire a business, there are many hurdles to jump through and many critical decisions to make beyond legal and accounting issues. With decades of experience forming new businesses, we can assist you with every step, from structuring your business to planning for its succession, so your new enterprise is geared for success as you define it.
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Business/Company Operations

Every day, your business is faced with important decisions and challenges—some expected, some not. These speed bumps can be difficult, but with the right assistance, they can get you closer to reaching your goals. Let us assist you with making well-informed decisions regarding litigation and risk management, legal structure, tax planning, growth, and succession planning.
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Real Estate Related Projects

If you're considering or have made the decision to enter into a real-estate agreement or project, let us help. We have the experience in real estate law and we know how to work closely with a variety of diverse groups like developers, lenders, investors, governments, conservation groups, appraisers and tax accountants to ensure your project is managed smoothly. We can help you with contract structure, development planning, historic tax credit planning, conservation easement planning and more.
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Philanthropy/Community Projects

Are you considering establishing a foundation or becoming more involved in philanthropy or the community? Does your community group need a new vision for raising funds? We can help. As veterans of community involvement, we can help you navigate through your options so that your contributions are used to their greatest benefit.
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Business/Company Transition

At some point, you are going to be ready to transition your business. Even if it's much further down the road, there is much you can do now to prepare for the day it comes, particularly if you plan on leaving your business to family members. Let us help ensure you are making the best decisions possible and are well prepared so you can smoothly transition when the time comes.
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