Case Studies

Business/Company Creation
"We came to Jeremiah Consulting with a business idea and a dream. Having successfully run other businesses and sold them, we knew the value in finding someone who could find, coordinate and guide us through the 'expert' advice we would need in starting up a governmental regulated business. JC has helped us think about the best sources of funding, key strategic partnerships and the best way to structure ownership in our new dream. RedX Medical sees JC as a partner in our plan for prosperity. JC worked for us to find that unbiased view into the obstacles we will face. And then help us understand the path through, around and over those obstacles."
— Jon Lewis, RedX Medical

Services utilized:

  • Evaluating ownership structure options – goals rather than legal structure driving operations

  • Providing formation assistance for the chosen ownership entity – maximum liability protection, tax efficiency and operational efficiency against goals

  • Vetting financial plans, funding options, tax considerations and risk considerations (operational and legal) against goals

  • Vetting investor and lender presentations, assisting with presentations and choosing funding sources against goals

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Business/Company Operations
This client had a great business in the road construction industry; however, the cost to entry was high because it was a complex area with heavy government regulations. Our client had the expertise and the product, but the very complexity that made it a great business opportunity also made it a nightmare to coordinate multiple ownership entities, multiple tax returns and unforgiving intellectual property laws surrounding the complex assets that gave the business value. The plan required solid contracts, relevant insurance products and a coordinated licensing/ownership structure. Every expert had a different viewpoint (accounting, legal, insurance, regulatory) that led to a different solution for a different problem. Finding the real problems and then finding a real plan for prosperity was the value that we offered to the client.

Services utilized:

  • Evaluating operational structure against legal, tax and risk management concerns and goals

  • Assistance creating recurring operational contracts that balance goals against operational, legal (including intellectual property), tax, financial and risk management concerns

  • Re-evaluating ongoing/evolving structure against estate and succession planning goals

  • Evaluating recurring legal, tax or risk issues to find solutions to minimize those ongoing exposures (including litigation exposures) while preserving goals

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Real Estate Related Projects
"We had a piece of land that we loved. It was a great hunting place, but as development started to surround it, we knew that how we used and managed it was changing. By coordinating with Land Trust groups, appraisers, accountants and mitigation bank experts, Jeremiah Consulting helped us preserve our old hunting place through a reputable Land Trust group while monetizing some of its development value through conservation easement planning and the creation of a mitigation bank. We even created a community area where school groups can enjoy the biodiversity of the land and creeks that we enjoyed for so many years."
- Tom Gay, Gay Construction

Services utilized:

  • Evaluation of and assistance with conservation easement planning including identification of conservation values (through the coordination of ecologist/biologist audits and appraisal work), choice of land trusts and possible inclusion of mitigation banks within the structure

  • Evaluating options for using real estate ownership for estate planning goals

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Philanthropy/Community Projects
"Our family had one of those "liquidation" moments that you dream about. We were able to work with Dale as he helped us navigate the expert advice and set up a family foundation. Now we enjoy giving back to our community from our blessings through a foundation that will outlive us all and be our family legacy."
- George Poulos, Leeds Building Products

Services utilized:

  • Evaluating use of private foundation structures versus participating in community foundations against giving plans

  • Assistance coordinating foundation and endowment creation to balance giving goals against tax and income goals

"Dale and Cindy taught us that the meaning of community foundation relies more on the word, 'community' than the word, 'foundation.' They helped us build relationships through a common conversation about what it means to be a community. Their emphasis on seeing and hearing all the viewpoints was the dialogue starter that opened up the community, and that was the foundation for success in the first phase of our capital campaign.
- Jennifer New, Mount Paran School

Services utilized:

  • Assistance evaluating fundraising options for community and non-profit projects including coordination of the fundraising efforts against goals

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Business/Company Transition
"One of the projects that brought me to Atlanta to assume management through Bankruptcy was Leeds Building Products. My 'hands on' experience and reputation opened the door to save and operate a company of my own. It also required that I evaluate my Estate Plans for the future. Dale Hughes guided me through the establishment of our Family Partnership; Lifetime Trusts, and became my family's liaison in our growth. When my partners and I were given the opportunity to sell the company, Dale provided the oversight of negotiating on behalf of my family's best interest. With all the various entities that were established, my wife and I feel assured that we, and our family can feel confident in a more predictable future."
- George Poulos, Leeds Building Products

Services utilized:

  • Assistance evaluating your exit options for company including coordination to philanthropic planning and community projects

  • Coordination of the sale of business against pre-defined estate and succession planning goals

  • Assistance transitioning from one business to the next business as plan for success and significance is executed and the cycle begins again with the next set of goals

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