Reflections on Givers

Givers are the best lunch partners. They have this special buzz about them. Recently I sat at a luncheon celebrating those who give in our community with my friend, Mike Linch. We were talking when I stopped to listen to the buzz of the room. The conversations were many. Each voice seemed to be about the same level and the harmony from the conversations was refreshing like the music from crickets on a cool spring evening.

Mike and I both commented on the feeling that comes from a spirit of community deep in conversation on common causes. Mike went on to deliver one of the most inspiring community talks ever. He encouraged us to consider the walls in front of our homes. Walls in need of repair. People in need of help and encouragement.

In the room at this luncheon were 91 non-profits that literally change our Cobb community for the better. Everyday, they get up and live and lead from their hearts. They help others. They inspire others. Sadly, only 29 of those non-profits left the room with grant money to support their missions. All of them deserved our help and our support.

But I have faith in our community. I know a day will come when we support all those who are doing good and changing our community for the better. My hope lies in the buzz of that room. It was the buzz of a community that cares and will rise up to the challenge of helping each other.

As Bob Goff says, lets stop studying; lets start doing.